Formians Ant like race known for their psychic abilities as well as their physical prowess. Once broken away from their hive mind they are unable to return.

Dragonborn Decendents from dragons and humans, these creatures are known for their leadership on the field of battle.

Dwarves The great Dwarves of Zerathul are shapers of the earth. Stalwart warriors they look to their ancestors for guidance and hope.

Elves Honor obsessed race, graceful, and frail in appearance. These people put honor or themselves their families and their race above all else.

Humans The farthest spreading race on Zerathul, they are hardy and versatile.

Half-Elves Offspring of humans and elves, Half-Elves are common among both societies.

Goliaths Tall and sturdy this race of near giants are fearless.

Minotaur This powerful race is well known for their battle prowess, and ferocity. Minotaur are hard working and excellent blacksmiths.

Shardmind This race of crystal like creature formed from the Great Crystal that has erupted on the continent of Pul-Gygax.

Warforged A race of constructs created by the Minotaur to do their manual labor eventually some of these creatures we set free to make their own way in the world.

Wilden The Wilden are a tree like race, created and enlaved by Meridian. The few who break free of his grasp are eager to save the rest.



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